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Satisfy the requirements of hospitality for executives and people in general who need to visit the city of Barranquilla, provide our clients with the environments and spaces needed for the best development of social activities and offer healthy and quality food services.

Generate utility that allows sustainable growth of the company and the continuous development of our employees to conform a team with dedication to customer service.



Maintain our leadership as hotel company and be in the top of the casinos business, hotel operations and restaurants, relying on a competent human resource with service vocation to our guests and clients. providing profitability to our shareholders through the application of sustainability criteria, constantly innovating and using art technology.


Integral Policy

The Barranquilla Plaza Hotel is an organization that provides accommodation services, Events and Food & Drinks,  to the general users and executives who need to visit Barranquilla.

Our commitment to the guest and customer is their satisfaction by providing fast and timely personalized services that guarantee  the fulfillment of requirements of hospitality and security in the service of food and drinks, providing providing profitability to our shareholders through the application of sustainability criteria focusing on lower operating costs, conserve and protect the environment, prevent negative impacts to the community, promote our cultural patrimony and incorporating prevention to all hotel activities through safety and health of its workers.

Our system is supported by competent human resources committed to service, adequate infrastructure and effective communication channels to detect opportunities for improvement.


Quality Objectives and Sustainability

  • Satisfy the needs of our guests and customers by providing personalized, agile and timely services in order to achieve the highest levels of customer service.
  • Have the competent personnel as a support in the management of the organization processes.
  • Optimize the availability of supplies, products and services to meet the needs of requisitions and processes and ensure compliance with service.
  • Maintain adequate infrastructure for the management of processes.
  • Ensure that purchases of products made by the Hotel be biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Promote and protect natural areas or products derived from flora and fauna disclosing the main legal provisions related to this issue.
  • Optimize the use of water resources in each processes of Barranquilla Plaza Hotel.
  • Guarantee the efficient use of energy in the hotel.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of the waste generated by each processes identified in the Hotel.
  • Ensure knowledge of cultural heritage of the department to our guests, customers and employees.
  • Guarantee the prevention of sexual trade of minors in accordance with the law.
  • implement programs focused in the improvement of our workers and persons of the community to enhance their job skills and other activities.
  • Increase security precepción to customers, employees and guests.
  • Guarantee the safety of food and beverages in each handling processes
  • Control and follow up the processes that integrate the Quality Management System and Sustainability in order to continually improve its effectiveness.


Address: Carrera 51B No.79-246
Booking: +57-5-361-0333 -
Phone Number: +57-5-361-0000 - Fax: +57-5-361-0003  Barranquilla, Colombia, Suramérica








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